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The CPS Mail Program- Easy To Use

  • We have streamlined the market area evaluation and name ordering process. Even if you are new to subprime direct mail, CPS will build a package that fits your market and dealership profile.
  • CPS blends a custom list for each mail sale to find the "sweet spot" combination of counts, scores and distances to maximize results of your mailer sale.
  • We make it easy on you: just 6 simple steps to profit...
    1. Select a start date for your mailer
    2. We pull name counts and work up a campaign for you
    3. Select the amount of mail you want to drop based on name availabilty and your sales force capacity to properly work the " responders"
    4. Select and proof the mail piece
    5. We walk you through Call Tracker, PURL and drop the sales scripts to your staff and make sure everything is set up properly
    6. You work the "responders" and sell cars


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